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Compare and contrast essay topics

These are essay topics that bring out two different ends of a phenomenon together on a comparative board. Compare and contrast essay topics discuss two opposite ends of anything. When looking at compare and contrast essay topics, one should be sure to confirm the relationship the two phenomena have. Choosing this type of a topic shouldn’t be hard at all. Contrast and comparison can be derived from a wide range of things and scenarios. These may be people, plants, animals, cities, artifacts, fashion, meals, cultures etc.

It is always wise to point out the content of an essay before deciding on which topic to use. In this case, before settling on a particular topic, it is important to know that, the things to be weighed hand in hand are not to be assessed as individual entities to the essay. What this means is that you should be care in that anything you mention about a particular entity to the essay must be relevant and directly distinguishable from the corresponding entity in a compare and contrast essay. None of these entities is to be dealt with as a single entity.

An easy way to follow in order to choose a topic of this nature is to see whether you can make a list long enough of all the distinctive features of the two entities of your essay, and at the same time develop a list just as long on the similarities between the two entities. You should also be able to develop substantial facts on all theses similarities and differences which will make up your essay. The approach to writing a compare and contrast essay can be done in a situational manner or a characteristic manner. The situation means the differentiation and contrast will be done on the basis of where the two entities are while the other approaches rely on the factual differences and similarities of the building blocks and appearances of the entities.

Below are fifty compare and contrast essay topics.

  1. The beauty to the beast
  2. An American to an African
  3. A boy to a girl
  4. Black to white
  5. A cow to a sheep
  6. NASCAR to Formula One.
  7. A female friend and a male friend
  8. Riding a roller coaster to loving somebody
  9. Being grounded to being in jail
  10. The benefits of cold to the benefits of heat.
  11. The life of a dog to the life of a cat.
  12. Reality TV shows to high school
  13. Washing dishes to washing laundry
  14. Your best birthday to your worst
  15. Camping in the Physical beauty to inner beauty deep woods to sleeping in a motel.
  16. Working as a waitress to working as a flight attendant
  17. Talking to your mom and talking to your friends.
  18. Your best shoes to your worst
  19. A camel milk to that of a cow
  20. Life to death
  21. Tree to grass
  22. Sand to clay
  23. Lifespan of a man to that of a woman
  24. Trees to papers
  25. Goat meat to pork

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